Intexfy is your Business Intelligence Partner

We deliver qualified leads to increase your sales conversion. Optimize time and effort for your marketing and sales teams with Intexfy!


Our methodology is based on the following formula:

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) + Qualified Leads = BEST SALES

To achieve better sales conversions results…
We built the IQL - Intelligence Qualified Lead, the methodology of Intelligent Qualified Leads.

The IQL methodology consists of 4 phases:

  • Diagnosis
  • Qualification
  • Prospecting
  • Sharpening

Then gain recurrence in receiving qualified lead lists tailored to your business.

Phase 1: Diagnosis

Know your Ideal Customer Profile and boost your results in predictable revenue

At this stage, we gather information through interviews and samples of good clients and churn prospects from your company.

In this way, we understand the characteristics that identify your ideal customer profile.

Phase 2: Qualification

Get potential leads samples of high qualifying leads

After Intexfy robots absorb the information they collect, assumptions are made about their ideal customer profile to then generate and share potential lead samples with your company..

Phase 3: Prospecting

Go to market! Try our samples in prospecting these leads

Ready! Qualified leads will be on the Intexfy platform to business approach by your sales team.

In this step, ranking relevance of leads on the platform, by the sales team, will be very important to increasingly improve the quality of lead deliveries.

Phase 4. Sharpening

More sales and long-term connections with your faceted ICP

At this stage, the ratings submitted by your sales team are analyzed to refine the quality of the lists and increase the performance of upcoming deliveries.

With effective sharpening, we generate recurrence in lead list submissions that are more likely to connect.

This is intexfy!

We deliver qualified and tailored leads to your business.

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